A message from our President

Happy October everyone!

I wanted to briefly introduce myself to everyone, let you know that we are hard at work learning the priorities of our community and building out our organization.

First off, a huge thank you to the Alberta Pain Society (APS) for their support and on-going commitment to my appointment and vision of what Alberta Talks Pain can be for Albertans. We look forward to working closely together on behalf of Albertans and the pain community.

Over the next couple of months, my first priority as President for Alberta Talks Pain (ATP) will be meeting as many individuals across this pain community of ours as possible. We have so much to learn, to understand, collaborate and to dialogue about. I look forward to meeting many of you in Lake Louise at the annual APS conference this October and connecting with support groups, physicians and local government to hear your perspectives, your concerns and your needs.

Please take a moment to add your voice to our community, tell us what you need and engage with us about what Alberta Talks Pain’s priorities should be throughout our first year.

Lastly, for those celebrating, have a fun and safe Halloween and welcome everyone to the new Alberta Talks Pain, please join the conversation!

Claudine Adlington



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