Alberta Talks Pain year in review!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Welcome to December everyone!

As I take some time to reflect on yet another year going by and all the milestones that have been achieved in 2019, all the conversations we have had and all the change within and impacting our community the past 12 months, we need to take some time and be grateful for all of it.

Pain is not an easy topic to discuss at any level. It’s complex and different for everyone. But as a society we are trying to make it better. I reflect on just a few of the positive changes our community has accomplished:

 The first ever pan-Western Canada Conference hosted by the

Pain Society of Alberta.

 Signing of the Alberta Care Plan for Chronic Pain Patients on

Long-Term Opioid Therapy so no patient or physician goes

unsupported again.

 $8 million of new government funding was announced to increase

psychosocial supports for people living with chronic pain & or recovering

from opioid addiction.

 Alberta Talks Pain advocacy society is formed to engage our

community and leverage the collective voice to effect change.

 Rockyview Hospital completed a successful implementation of

Virtual Reality for their wounds room to help reduce the pain and

anxiety their patients feel during appointments.

 The Alberta Pain Strategy received Expression of Interest from 170

Albertans to participate in one of the many new working groups to

continue the Pain Strategies important work on policy.

These are just a few of the achievements in 2019, yet based on these, I am sure as a community we can come together and achieve even more in 2020. An example of that is Alberta Talks Pain’s first priority for the New Year. I am excited to announce that we will be sending out a survey to collect your thoughts and ideas in order to build out our strategic plan. Look for that in early January, we need your participation and voice to make 2020 an even more impactful and empowering year for Albertans and the topic of pain.

Have a safe and happy holiday season, take time for self care, appreciate the little things and enjoy the rest of 2019. We all have so much to be grateful for!

Happy Holidays everyone,


President, Alberta Talks Pain


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