Alberta Talks Pain

Certified Pain Advocacy Organizaion

There are over 800,000 Albertans living with pain, there are family members, friends and allied healthcare providers caring for these individuals. We can work together to build a voice and advocate for change and access where it’s needed most. 

‘Pain’ is a broad topic, the following areas are only some of the discussions Alberta Talks Pain is looking to have at a provincial level:

  • understanding the needs across all pain types, 

  • making sure there is access for all, 

  • removing bias and discrimination, 

  • building appropriate policy, 

  • supporting our caregivers and patients alike, 

  • creating care options, 

  • providing education at all levels, 

  • addressing and reducing crime and 

  • understanding regional differences 

Advocating on behalf of our members, regardless of what type of pain they have, requires a deep understanding of the issues we face and the barriers to our success. We can’t do this without you, become a member and add your voice today.


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We need to hear from you

Your voice matters! Living with pain, knowing someone who lives with pain, and/or caring for someone who lives with pain is challenging situations most of us just push through and do in the shadows. What if we could have a collective voice about how to better support these individuals, families, caregivers etc?  What if we could discuss this in an open forum as a community, with our community & government leaders and our healthcare providers?


Together we can make a difference, your membership and your voice help us do that and more. Please register to join our membership, support our efforts, and to receive newsletters, updates, resources, related information and to provide your voice and ideas to issues surrounding Albertans living with pain.


Meet the Board Members

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Claudine Adlington


Claudine is a +20 year professional within the healthcare community. She has worked on the industry side within biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and healthcare supplies as a corporate negotiator and government lobbyist. Claudine’s experience has been global in nature, working across European, US and Canadian healthcare systems. She is a wife, a mother, and a professional, who also lives with chronic pain and is very committed to a better healthcare system focused on access for all and appropriate care.


Dr. Rob Tanguay


Dr. Tanguay is a Psychiatrist who completed 2 fellowships, one in Addiction Medicine and one in Pain Medicine. He is the Medical Lead for Alberta Opioid Dependency training program and Alberta Addiction Education Sessions for Alberta Health Services. Dr. Tanguay is the Regional Director for Alberta and North West Territories for the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM) and the  President of the Pain Society of Alberta. He is the founder of the Opioid Deprescribing Program with Alberta Health Services and the Transitional Outpatient Pain Program for Spine (TOPPS) clinic working with spinal surgeons to optimize spinal surgery outcomes and will also become the co-chair of the AHS Alberta Pain Strategy. Dr. Tanguay is also the lead lecturer for Addiction to the University of Calgary medical school. Academically he is involved in research in addiction, chronic pain, opioids, and cannabis and is a member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute and the Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research & Education at the University of Calgary.

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Christelle Zacharki 


Christelle is the Team Lead for the Pain Management Clinic at Mosaic Primary Care Network.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Pharmacy from the University of Saskatchewan and an Industrial Pharmacy Residency from the University of Toronto.  Christelle worked as a Community Pharmacist in Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Colombia and Alberta.  She has also been a Teaching Assistant at the Universities of Toronto, Saskatchewan and Alberta and most recently, acted as a Preceptor and Mentor for Pharmacist students completing their Doctorate in Pharmacy degrees at the University of Alberta.  As a Clinical Pharmacist, her areas of interest lie in supporting patients living with diabetes and persistent pain, while assisting them in many health change behaviour strategies for tobacco cessation or other chronic diseases.  She is a passionate facilitator of educational classes related to diabetes, persistent pain and happiness (based on Positive Psychology).  Christelle is also active within the Pain Society of Alberta, acting as Co-Chair for its annual conference and Secretary-General on the Board of Directors.